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Entrepreneurship Competition for Global Talent 2021 Taian City Shandong Province

To energetically attract increasing global high-level talents to start a business in Tai’an and create a friendly environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, the 3rd Entrepreneurship Competition for Global Talent 2021·Tai’an has been officially launched recently, with competition theme defined as “Talent in, Taishan wins” for this year. The event is fully led by Tai’an City official departments and supported by Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association (BGTEA). Besides the main competition area in China, many regional sub-contest areas have also been set up. As an important division-zone, the European regional competition is organized by Deutsch-Chinesischer Austauschdienst für die Ingenieursausbildung (DCAI).

Deadline for registration:May 10, 2021.

We sincerely invite global entrepreneurial talents with innovation ability and high growth potential to register the competition at and choose the Europe Division Entrance (DCAI e.V.). The competitors and teams from European division area can sign up competition through DCAI with application form and project-introduction slides. After successful online registration, we will send you the further procedure information and subsidy bonus. First sign up, first get the qualification of recommendation.

Bonus and financial investment:

  • Complete application online with brief project-introduction slides: 80 Euro.

  • Win the chance to participate roadshow: 200 Euro.

  • Pitch and win prize: 2500 - 6250 Euro.

  • Final competition: 5 first prizes, 11 second prizes, and 13 third prizes.

  • Invitation to visit Taian City after competition

  • After setting up Company in Taian: 25000 Euro

  • Chance financial investment up to 12 million Euro.

Contact Information:

  • Wechat group of European division:

  • Contact info DCAI e.V.:

  • Telefon: +(49) (0)30-40987967

  • Email:

Time line:

Registration and submit Procedures:

1. Registration

2. Sign up for a project

3. Basic information

4. Resume and team menbers

5. Overview of the project

6. Upload the pitch slides

Please try Internet Explorer, Chrome or Edge, If the upload is slow.

7. Save or submit

8. The overview after submitting the application

Taian City: the hometown of Confucius


Daiyue District

Kong Family Mansion

Temple of Confucius

Mount Tai Scenic spot

Mount Tai


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